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Steelmate USA PTS-400Q1, Car Backup Parking Sensors : Crazy Stereo Orange County Authorized Car Audio Dealer


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Front and Rear Parking Sensor System w/ Wireless Mount Display
Why Choose Crazy Stereo?
  • Free Audio Diagnostics
  • Guaranteed Lowest Price
  • Same-Day Installations
  • Free Lifetime Warranty
  • 4 rear sensor system with wireless display Q1 LARGE Four rear sensors ensure a high degree of accuracy, and our multi-color display makes it easy to see important information about anything that may be behind your vehicle.
  • Wireless technology works up to 100 feet Steelmate's wireless technology systems employ a specialized technology that eliminates the need for a connection between the main module and the display. Simply install the sensors in the bumper and plug them into the main module which is normally powered up at the reverse lights. In the front of the vehicle connect the display to 12 volts and that's it. Because the display does not require connection to the main module, this system is perfect for installations in large vehicles such as Extended Cab Trucks, Motorhomes, RVs, Buses, etc.
  • Matrix LED display locates the exact position of obstacles
  • Volume Adjustable Adjust the volume to your personal comfort level.
  • Self-test Function The unit utilizes an on-board processor to perform a self test between the display and ECU module
  • Sensors work in plastic and metal bumpers Our sensors send an accurate signal, regardless of what your bumper is made from.
  • Detachable sensor with waterproof wire connector
  • All weather design (-40C~ +85C)

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