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Steelmate USA PTS-400M5Front, Car Backup Parking Sensors : Crazy Stereo Orange County Authorized Car Audio Dealer


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Front Parking Sensor System w/ Front Mount Display
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  • 4 front sensor system Unit features 3 FEET Range on center 2 sensors, 2 FEET for outer 2 sensors.
  • Can be used as 2 front sensor system Unit can be taught to function as a 2 sensor system.
  • Slim dual color LED display with built-in buzzer The slim size of the display allows multiple mounting options, including attachment to the rearview mirror. Note: the rearview mirror of some vehicles may not be suitable due to buttons, etc. which may be built into the mirror. # Intelligent detection, compatible with front metal bar The unit can be taught to ignore fixed objects such as metal bars for foglamps etc.
  • Anti-false alert technology This Steelmate system uses a proprietary digital sensing technology that uses real-time feedback and sophisticated DSP to provide the fastest and most accurate object detection possible.
  • Automatic audio mute function The Automatic Audio Mute function allows the Steelmate parking assist system to automatically mute the radio volume so that the driver can hear the alerts while parking the vehicle.
  • Volume Adjustable High/Low/Off
  • Self-test The unit utilizes an on-board processor to perform a self-test, between the display and the ECU module.
  • All weather design (-40C~ +85C)

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