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Marina-Series 8in Shallow Mount Subwoofer -- 90W RMS Power
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SWF 8012 HE
8" (20cm) High Efficiency
Power Subwoofer
Extremely powerful 8” shallow mount subwoofer made by
GermanMAESTRO in Obrigheim, Germany“.

GermanMAESTRO proudly releases its brand new 8“ shallow mount subwoofer. Engineered and manufactured in our own German factory, the focus is on achieving an optimum synthesis between very high SPL- and excellent sound performance.
Compared to other slim-line 8” subwoofer systems an impressive Bass performance down to less than 30 Hz can already achieved with installing only one SWF 8012 HE woofer. The cone-voice-coil system with maximized surface area along with the high-power neodymium magnet system not only impresses with high SPL, but also with extremely high control over the moving assembly – making this subwoofer a first choice product for Sound Quality as well.
Technical Data:
Diamater:     20 cm / 8"
Power Handling:     90 W RMS / 290 W Max.
Frequency Response:     28 Hz - 4.500 Hz
Impedance:     4 Ω
Sensitivity:     93 dB (2,3V/1m)
    Slim shallow mount design with front motor applicable especially for underseat- and doorboard installations e.g. in many BMW or Volkswagen cars
    High efficiency due to maximized cone surface
    Very high SPL max. due to extremely powerful neodymium magnet system
    Exceptional low range performance, due to very low resonance frequency
    Renders every detail of the music, due to minimization of mechanical losses
    Very high long-term power handling due to optimum voice coil ventilation and heat issipation

Thiele-Small-Parameter (TSP):
Fs     41 Hz
Re     3,3 Ω
Res     26 Ω
Qms     3,4
Qes     0,63
Qts     0,53
Vas     51 Liter
Mms     20 gramm
Cms     0,71 mm/N
Bl     5,2 Tm
SPL     93 dB

Ability     Enclosure     Recommendation     Cutoff Frequency
good     sealed     10     Liter     53 Hz (-10dB)
very good     vented     25     Liter     37 Hz (-10dB)
tube     8/25     cm (Ø/L)
BMW     under the seat     -     Liter     30 Hz (-10dB)

Total Ø: 209 mm / 8.23 “
Cut-out Ø: 183 mm / 7.2 “
Chassis depth: 58 mm / 2.28“


BMW Adapter Ring

(also available as a set: RS 80-1-BMW)

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