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Power Cell Battery
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MOST POWERFUL audio cell anywhere, PERIOD! Used in the loudest vehicles in the world and boasting over 180dB when used in competition. This bad boy has more current than power cells twice its size. If you want the BEST, this is it. Providing thousands of amps at near dead short, this power cell performs best when abused.

  •  Weight: 69lbs
  •  Ah: 128
  •  Dimensions: 13"x6.7"x8.5"
  •  Suggested Retail: $499.99

Common Specifications

  •  AGM Technology
  •  Sealed Non-Spillable Design
  •  Mount In Any Position
  •  Ultra Low ESR
  •  More Plates For Stronger Energy Density
  •  Higher Voltage Under Load
  •  Tightly Packed Cells
  •  Superior Heat & Vibration Resistance

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