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HushMat 10400, Sound Dampening & Noise Reduction Materials : Crazy Stereo Orange County Authorized Car Audio Dealer


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Ultra Series Floor/Dash Kit 39-Sqft - Black
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HushMat Ultra eliminates vibrations, road & tire noise, that distort your car audio sound.   HushMat Ultra is formulated specifically for automotive and marine application.  Apply Ultra to doors, trunk, floor, roof, firewall and tunnel.   This creates a sound barrier reducing the noise floor in your vehicle by over 10 Db.   This allows the full power of your car audio system to be achieved.  You are placing a high output car audio system in a "metal can".   Everything inside your vehicle is going to vibrate.  This vibration creates noise  that in turn distorts your music.  HushMat eliminates the vibration at the source and allows the full sound to be heard.  HushMat Ultra outperforms the closest competitor by over 4X.   HushMat Ultra is the easiest product to install - it is flexible and can be easily molded to un-even surfaces.   There is no preparation or solvent cleaning of the surface.  Simply peel and stick.  Apply HushMat Ultra to every metal, plastic or fiberglass panel surrounding the vehicle interior creates a solid door, firewall, floor, tunnel, roof and trunk.    Best yet - HushMat Ultra is manufactured here in the USA.   Ultra is available in either Stealth Black Foil or Silver Foil - Same great performance!

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