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BOYO VTK100, Car Backup Cameras : Crazy Stereo Orange County Authorized Car Audio Dealer


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Key hole type flush mount camera
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Outstanding true color reproduction
It shows how DSP color CCD camera should perform its color reproduction. The unit includes the new generation 1/3" CCD sensor and it is successfully combined with our own image processing technology in order to enhance the color reproduction to the close level of human eye. It responses to all colors as natural and reproduce them extremely live.
Remarkable low light sensitivity, noise free
It is brighter than ever at dark illumination. Generally DSP color cameras perform very poor sensitivity compared with monochrome cameras at low illumination. It marks a new breakthrough how the color cameras work so well at low light condition. Note for the real feature of 0.3 lux at F2.0
Compact Size (33mm x 33mm)
The value of the camera is not in making the size as small as possible. It is just purposed to meet the general demands of micro technology. The real value is in making the unit perform a reliable functions & quality not loosing its principal purpose. It is successfully proved as being the world's smallest size, used with 1/3" CCD format, Incorporating all innovative features.
Moisture Free Weatherproof
The unit is completely sealed with strong metal housing. There is no condensation when it is heated after a long time operation under rainy weather.
Extremely low power consumption & wide working voltage tolerance
It covers DC12V ± 3V of power input and requires less than 80㎃. This is critical for the reliability as it produces less heat and protect it from damage against bad power supply or fluctuating AC power input.

    Weatherproof application for outdoor security for back up view
    1/3" Super sensitive DSP color CCD sensor (Sharp)
    Human eye level of tru color reproduction
    Ultra sensitive low light performance of 0.3 Lux at F2.0 fixed lens
    World's smallest 1/3" Color CCD camera with 33mm x 33mm
    380 TVL horizontal resolution
    Extremely reliable operating power tolerance
    Reverse polarity input protection circuit buit-in
    Reverse image


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