Professional Car Audio Installation vs. Bad Car Audio Installation

What is the true difference between bad car audio installation and a professional car audio installation? Quite a bit, actually. To start, a bad car audio installation leaves your project with a disappointing experience where you wind up fighting for fixes, a refund, or going to someone else to fix the problem. We all have had bad customer experiences. Knowing when you have a bad one is easy to identify. Usually, something does not feel right or you sense a red flag comment or visual that sets warning bells off in your head. Sometimes, though, we get so excited by what we are buying that we ignore those signals telling us to go somewhere else. Instead of focusing on bad car audio installations, let’s examine what characteristics a professional car audio installation has. You can take this information and when you see the absence of it, know you are in for a bad car audio installation.

Characteristic of a Professional Car Audio Installation

Attention to Detail

This can cover a range of items. For the most part, it means how much focus does the Audio Installer put into the little things. For example, do they communicate with you about the progress of your installation, vacuum and clean the areas they worked in afterwards, follow up with you the next day to see how things are working, or leave additional information with you about what you purchased to help you learn how to use it? These are all tasks that require focusing on the little things that make a big difference in your overall experience. Attention to detail is the act of going above and beyond what you expect in order to make you feel you had excellent service.


We are all in a hurry to carry on with our days, whether it’s to get back to work, school, pick up the kids etc. For your Audio Installer, they could be in a hurry to get to the next sale, work on the next car, talk to the next customer, or collect the next payment. A bad car audio installation will be rushed. However, a professional car audio installation will take their time, not only while talking to you, but also with your car. This is so the technician can make sure to do it right the first time. This might include finding an alternative method to install something for safety’s sake instead of taking a shortcut to save time and make more money by doing more cars in the day. This extra time spent means you are getting a quality experience and result.